ᗷAĎ 𝕓σ𝓷ᶰ 𝓚ƗŁB𝐢, 𝕘卂Ďģ𝔢Ⓣ ⅋ 𝔱卂кᛕ (𝓅r𝒆𝕤ε𝔫т ), ​ţħ𝐨𝓶 𝓨oяⓀ乇, ​O𝕝𝓘V𝐞𝐫 c๏Ã𝕥𝕖ⓢ (𝐚𝐓 ⓗΔ𝓵𝐥𝓔 6❷2 Zⓗ)

We are still listening ice hockey and football games on the radio. We feel well, feeded and bored on the countryside. In our biker bar we host artists from all over the world since 1991. Once every year, we do the Kilbi Festival. As our garage was to small to park the nightliner, we open the Kilbi 2018 one day earlier in Zurich.
We are happy to co-present the THOM YORKE show at Halle 622.

THOM YORKE will be performing in a live mix with Nigel Godrich and visual artist Tarik Barri, playing tracks from across his solo material.

Valid tickets are sold by W.A.S.T.E. and by Starticket only. Any ticket bought elsewhere will be rejected at the door.

Bad Bonn Kilbi Tickets are NOT valid. Please buy an additional ticket to see this show.

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