c𝒶𝐫Ã๓E𝓁Ⓞ Ⓖᗩ𝐁άℕήⓐ, B𝐨ⓎˢᵃภD卩𝑒คя𝔩Ş, 乃ℓA𝓷CỖ 𝕥乇丅Δ, ᵐÂ几ᗩ𝓪

Presented by Etat Des Choses & House Exit, with the complicity and hosting of Bad Bonn

Blanco Teta
Caramelo Gabanna

Time goes by, through our days we all see different colors in the sky, we live love and we live pain.
We sleep and we wake up, no matter how hard we try, we all build our own routines.
A body ages but a mind has tricks to stay young, curiosity and expression are the keys to break time.
House Exit & État Des Choses, cultural & contemporary entities, from Fribourg to the world.

We are seekers of youth, love, freedom, knowledge, exchange & experimentation.

Ticket on site / Ticket à la caisse / Abendkasse
Come early, enjoy the sun and the sound !
Food will be proposed by our crew in Bad Bonn

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