ℝ𝔸ⓑA𝓫oⓞ ⓢⓄᵘᶰⓓsⓨⓈtέ𝓜, ⒽσⓇιž𝓸𝓃 𝕃I𝓺𝓊Ɨ∂є, Mⓐ𝓉𝐈 𝕋яαא𝔵

Die Konzerte am 5. Januar werden leider aus persönlichen Gründen seitens Rababoo Records abgesagt // Les concerts du 5 janvier sont malheureusement annulés pour des raisons personnelles à Rababoo Records.

Rababoo for a better together.

For the 3rd physical release of Rababoo Records, the Fribourg music based label (curated by OneFootStep & Oase) is thrilled to welcome Mati Traxx (straight from Geneva, originally from Grolley) for his album debut on tape! He presents us a full electronic dub series in celebration to the rhythms of the pastures. The album is starting with an introduction for a old mountain tradition with cows. Then it continues and brings you on to the foggy mornings of the mystical forests of the Intyamon region and ends it's journey with cheerful cafés-noirs in la Basse-Ville. Beyond the images, this album is an ode to a region whose name is simply called: Fribourg. So, hop onto Mati Traxx universe bringing his own definition of mystical sounds & join us for that sonic night joined by the polyrhythmic & multicultural sounds of Horizon Liquide that released beginning of September 23 their EP tape "3arus 3arin » on Rababoo Records.

Mati Traxx Live - Genève/Fribourg:
Hello, everyone! I'm Mati Traxx and after a decade immersed in the world of music production, I'm thrilled to invite you to my first live show. As a devoted melomaniac, I've crafted a unique blend of deviant trip-hop, downtempo beats, and psychedelic sounds, all accompanied by hauntingly dark vocals.
Join me on this musical journey as I bring my passion for atmospheric and immersive tunes to life.

Horizon Liquide Live - Fribourg:
Having been dispersed, modulated, and then re-assembled, Horizon Liquide represents the sound of coming together, and of breathing new life into a seamlessly confused environment. Struggles from the Middle East clashed with misadventures in Europe, and a worldwide crisis topped it all off; the borders that the band has always aimed to blur were still far from being unnoticed...

The second EP (released on Rababoo Records last August) since the release of "Fall" in 2019, "3arus 3arin" (ʕarūs ʕarīn, meaning 'bride den', referring to one of the member's places of birth) is a perfectly curated melting pot, where each member -- along with Latin-groove percussionist Valentin Montmollin (of Saraka) -- was able to put his own identity and practice at play; from the culture-defying haunting voices of Laure Betris and the sharp-but-smooth electronic work of Valentin Savio, to the oriental drive of Serge Ghazale's plucking (both of Horse, I'm Virus and Bruit Rose). Here, Horizon Liquide re-affirms its multicultural aspect through multilingualism, notably in the opening speech of "Fleur de Sel », (1st track of the cassette) leading you through the trials and tribulations yet to come, or in "On Habite la Nuit", an anthem dedicated to those who are forgotten but will not be silenced

So, hop onto Horizon Liquide's old and haggled dune buggy, and enjoy the ride.

Rababoo Records - Fribourg:
Rababoo is about the tradition to celebrate, it is a ritual to reflect the good and the bad. Rababoo is about an acceptance of all kinds of musical backgrounds driven by the same passion for music sharing. Rababoo accelerates the collapse for a better rebuilding.

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